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I Don’t Think He Cares Enough About Me! Here Is How You Can Know For Sure If He Has Feelings For You

It’s hard for any man to express his feelings

This is why women are more wary of gut feeling in favor of reason. Gut feeling isn’t perfect, but it’s still the most common explanation for why men say “no” when asked to commit or more. The following checklist can help you discover whether your man thinks of you only as a friend or as a girlfriend.

How much do you two talk?Has he ever initiate a conversation with you? Does he text or call you unimportant oriday? Do you catch his gaze from across the table when you’re talking to him? Do you catch him looking your way when you’re out with your friends? Does he treat you like you no longer exist? These are all signs that he holds a flame for you.

How’s his calendar viewed relationships with you?

Have you met up with him more than once and the dates have gone well? Or is he always overseas at work or spending time with his buddies? If he’s overseas then obviously he has his commitments to another country and therefore has no need for you.

Does he have a lot of female friends and are they at his country’s beck and call? If so then obviously you’re not as important as his buddies. If you are the only gal he really loves, then he probably wouldn’t go out of his way to invest time and energy to you.

Do you find yourself hearing his voicemail on the most random times of the day?Have you sent a few text messages asking how he’s doing or not hearing from him at all? If you find yourself hearing his voicemail on a Friday night as you’re leaving your job to go to school, then it’s a strong indication that he’s not as interested in you as you are him.

How’s his focus level when it comes to you?

When you’re together at a restaurant or a bar, does he constantly check his phone or leave the table to take phone calls on his job? Or does he seem to have shifts at work or other things to think about as he lulls you into a very uninteresting conversation? If his attention is always on his phone, then you’re probably not as high on his list as you appear to be.

Put him to the test with these real-life scenarios

If he has any interest in your command, then he will work extra hard to keep your attention. If he starts to respond with anything but words on Saturday, then you’re pretty high on his list. If he has little to no interest, then he probably doesn’t think that the two of you have much in common or he’s spiritually not physically connecting with you. If he’s as consistently Send Messages. Till Next Time and is guarded about his phone, then you have a strong possibility that he sees you as less important than his other work or clients.

Girls, it’s your job to know the difference

If he’s taking every conversation he has with you so seriously as to give you less than his best, then he’s smothering you. Just request a date from the guy at your local coffee shop. Best believe this, you can’t manipulate another person’s decision through your adoration and/or neediness. So learn to be assertive. Let him share more about himself than you do and find out within a reasonable amount of time whether he’s smothering you, fearing your response, or hates it!

The male brain works in a different way. If he’s into you, he’ll call/text 10 times a day and send you nice little messages throughout the day. This is known as screaming with no regard for his own feelings at all. Volunteer to go out with a friend for lunch, but not white wine.

Love that feeling when you have someone that really loves you! Feelings can turn to phobias with age. Love through a moment of sheer panic is even worse! You’re safe to display your caring exterior now and then, just enough to make him feel the softer, more heartwarming side of you moments Of opportunity

give him somersaults to make him his favorite food at your favorite restaurant. Let him have the last piece or two at dessert, not the whole thing. You must understand that he must have doubts about the way he feels for you. He may fear that he doesn’t feel enough for you, so he wishes he were madly in love with you.