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Is Your Partner A Compulsive Liar?

So, you’re in a relationship with a compulsive liar. Damn! Now we just need to work out whether you and your partner are able to overcome the difficulties of having to tell the truth at work, school, or in the wider world.

A compulsive liar is one who does not know when to stop making excuses, and once caught, usually has no remorse for her lies. It has been suggested that a person with this personality disorder is only emotionally repressed – their sincere remarks may be due to the fact they do not want to be held to account for the lie, or they may be concerned that someone else may find out the truth.

A partner who is a compulsive liar may get on very well with other people and them in general may sometimes know when he is lying to them, as though they are his friends. However, the communication between the two of you is probably limited to discussions about the other person’s behaviors and their behaviors in the relationship, and what you both consider healthy emotional communication.

So, how do you tell if your partner is a compulsive liar?

A person with chronic lying disorder has no remorse for her lies. In fact, she finds it OK to lie to others and may be very good at it – especially the person she is in a romantic relationship with. Some of her lies are harmless mistakes while others are clearly inappropriate. If you partner is a compulsive liar, she will be caught out pretty quick if you are also compulsive liars. And where does she wind up in the end? The same place you are now.

A compulsive liar is one who is able to lie to another person several times in one day. She has to have 10 stories already to start a conversation with a new person. And when the conversation is wrapping up, there will be no more stories to feed the machine.

In a relationship, it is not normal to have one partner who is a compulsive liar – the relationship is marked by problems in communication, disharmony in some areas, and dissatisfaction in others. Is it possible to overcome this disability of the compulsive liar?

I think it may be possible, but it will be a long, hard road. There will be lots of successful relationships before the relationship turns to disaster. And there will be some very frustrated partners along the way.

So how can the relationship be rescued?

How can the relationship be rescued?Getting over the habit of making excuses and covering your tracks is the difficult part. You have to get past the excuses and cover stories and live in the truth. Only then can you start dealing with the issues, or turn the relationship around. Turning a compulsive liar into a sincere and trusting partner is a big challenge.

Once you have learned to let go of the negative conclusions that you have drawn in the beginning, and looked for the facts and reality instead of fling the negative emotions, you will be able to overcome this personality disorder. This is a huge challenge, and it may take the pressure off to the significant other.

And, as in most things, there are things that you must do in order for your brain to fully open up to your partner and allow the relationship to grow from it.

Still having trouble understanding what to do when dealing with a compulsive liar?

If you are not having much success recently in the love department, not getting the type of love that is worthwhile and not happy in general with your love life, then I would advise you to see a relationship expert. You see, there is now a TV series Movie About Love (Movies anyone loves, Fake ID, notwithstanding), where Dr. Jennifer chart, the famous therapist and best selling author, tells everyday people, usually demonstrating how challenging it is to cope with compulsive liars.

The TV series follows Dr. Jennifer chart and her socially gummed-up husband as they attempt to deal with his highly compulsive lies.

I strongly suggest, as I did when my own relationship first began to not work out, that you make sure you involve your significant other in this. Ask them, point blank, to help you with this problem.

Now, it is true that liars of all types will lie to you, about almost anything, so long as their goals go beyond making you feel good and fulfilling some of your basic emotional needs.

But if you are entering into a relationship with a compulsive liar, or if you find that your significant other is a compulsive liar, you need to seek professional help immediately, and not to be intimidated, or blamed, for this severe problem that these people are struggling with.