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Review Of EHarmony

The dating website,, is perhaps the leading internet dating service.Appropriately, the website is targeted for both teenagers and Adults. The service is really powerful though, with over 20 million sign ups in last year alone, making it one of the top 5 visited dating websites in the United States.

With a host of benefits, the website and its benefits afford to users to find what they are looking for, in a mate or relationship, with the click of a mouse. The following benefits offer free memberships to the website:

DatingChoices: Since the website is exclusively for people who are seeking a relationship, members are given a range of choices to choose from. Right from the initial introduction of the website, users get to select one of the numerous EHarmony compatibility matches, from a huge selection of members.

FriendChoices: The website gives users the ability to create a specific friendship with the person they are looking for. By building a friendship, users are able to find the one person who is right for them.

InvestmentChoices: Users can choose to invest a percentage of the proceeds from sign ups to various investment accounts. The interest rate is flexible, from 9.3% interest off select balances, to a maximum of 24% interest off all balances.

HealthChoices: Besides the standard dating options, members also have access to a variety of additional services, including MatchTip, SpeedMatch, InTouch and DateTip. through this website, users can benefit from a range of tested match making techniques and strategies, dating advice, and resources.

Yahoo Personals: With a highly reputable reputation as one of the top dating websites, users are given the opportunity to create a free dating profile, along with browse through the uploaded profiles of other members. Through the free service, users can also add friends and send gifts.

No spam: With respect to the payment options, users can purchase nothing, or a set amount of monthly points. Free memberships do not include the option to purchase points to upgrade to a paid membership. All points purchased are added to the profile and is visible to other members.

PrivacyCarefully choosethat discount, each user is aware of the exact amount of points that they need to purchase, to continue participating in the website. Because the prices are monthly, there is no option to purchase points and upgrade your membership without any charge.

Most dating websites, including eHarmony, utilize cookies.AUTOMATIC cookies are a feature of most modern websites that can store large amounts of information about a user. It is possible to restrict this information for a specific user even before he uploads it, though not all users would like this feature.

However, cookie-free alternatives exist, likeeto Exchange are free for all users. Another good alternative that does not store information is check out through a competitor below. Ultimately, choose your website according to your needs.

Thanks for taking the time to read the above briefly reviews about eHarmony. The website is based upon the relationship compatibility matching concept which has been designed to match individuals together based on compatibility principles.