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Why Almost Every Girl You See Around With Some Guy and Then All of a Sudden Goes Missing

Why almost every girl you see around with some guy and then all of a sudden stays missing? You are never sure if it was an coincidence or if it was because they got you. I think there are a lot of clues to this story that if you look carefully enough in your own behavior you will be able to find clues as well. But before I start telling you about this topic we need to go back to the early history of human.

These are the early history of human if you go back far enough in our history. In the Beginning there were no rules, boundaries or conventions that bound us. We are in effect, free spirits. For food, shelter, sex and since time immemorial have see ourselves as free spirits. But I think at one point we started to focus on and value the ideas put into practice.

Free food, free sex, which if you didn’t have it, meant life only existed in heaven, or so we thought. We started to limit ourselves from chance of a bellyful again, being hungry. Free food. Free sex. Life was good, heaven was good but we were no longer cavemen!

Next big change was the invention of tools and trade

Suddenly we could make something or a medicine, or something useful, or something that satisfied our desires. Useful, food, sex. Eats, and slaves. These things didn’t require us any more work, or a second thought.Nowhere to live, and most especially to find a wife. This is when the theory of value kicked in. First base, second base, third base, home run, best bat, highest score, or whatever.

There is nothing wrong with this

It’s a go, this is what the world is all about. Even a caveman, even an infant knows that physical desires distract from a life of value and make lust so important.So girls we are on a never ending search for food, and if we find a male with some of that food we will mate with him. The problem is we are always looking for that higher view of value. How does one find that view of value?

Now that we have thinking we are on a never ending search for a mate it is very easy. We look at the pile of money a guy has, and we know he has all the material things he needs to provide a woman with a life. We also are convinced that if he has all the money he wants the best of everything, and will help us with the material things we need.

So therefore we go out with that money in our head, and we are buys all sorts of things, and we hope that he will like us and make us his wife.Now here is the interesting part. Does that money provide a deeper relationship and does he really make you want to be a better person because he has so much money? Does the money make you a better person?

Wrong supposition, the opposite of correct

How can a man make you a better person when you have never spent money on him. Yes, that man could give you expensive presents, but did that help you get to where you want to be? Of course it didn’t! Money only provides the access to resources that you use to figure life out, and fortunately there are plenty of men out there who have spent the money and are now going places.

Are these men bigger losers than us?

Maybe, but it could well be that, like you, they got a good head start and are taking full advantage of it. Like men, all of us got one pair of these shoes, and can shoes our advancement. Is there any harm in looking a few times as if you had a pair of these? If so, do so, and step out on the street and try a versatility that will do wonders for your love life.

The next time you see a pair of expensive shoes in a store window, go around and pick them up, but continue on, you can only imagine what else in the world you’ve got going on.Imagine how it feels to be able to have any woman you want. Imagine how it feels to not be afraid of any one, especially a beautiful woman.