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How to Ask a Guy to Be Yours? Here Are the Glances Which Will Naturally Intrigue Him & Make Him Show You Love

So you have a strong attraction with this guy but you don’t know how to ask him to be yours? Or you’re on the stage where you’ve only started knowing him but you’re not sure how to impress him? Here are some tips:

  • Stay in shape and don’t let flirting fool you Men are always attracted to women who look and smell good. Be sure that looks stylish and fabulous, a woman who can carry herself well is a turn on for any guy. You don’t have to be six pack to attract him but an impressive set of abs or a well toned body is.
  • Be confident about yourself and keep your composureNothing turns on a guy more than a self assurance woman. You know you look great and your self assuredness is contagious and charming. Your confidence will also impress him that he knows you know you look good.
  • A little flattery goes a long wayNothing can make him more turned on than giving him sweet compliment about how he looks. If you think he has some extra weight on him, tell him so, but be genuine and avoid as much as possible to be original. Telling him what you think works every time. Just be sure you’re genuine or he’d just think you’re out to some goofball who wants to have a scrap with him.
  • Be comfortable in your skin and know how to flirtUse your eyes to communicate whether your eyes areglmer, soft and shy, or bold, predatory and touching. Your eyes speak volumes about your feelings that is why you can go a long way with flirting. You must remember that when you flirt with your eyes, your body language will follow suit.
  • Intrigue him with your fashion senseYour sense of fashion is important because for the guy you like, you are a symbol of western women who he can admire and get ideas from. But be careful not to cross the line and appear cheap or exaggerated.
  • Know your guy enough well enough to come home toWhile you’re flirting, make sure that you know your guy well enough that he won’t be taken aback by your moves. If he is on the shy side, a man will be doubly impressed if he sees you making flirty moves to make him comfortable.
  • Don’t be shy but don’t appear too distant, eitherYou are surrounded by people in your office so it’s quite easier to send across your apologies to the people in earshot! But if you don’t want to be sociable and appear a little distant, then all you need to do is to say that you’d love to see that member of the opposite sex, who got away, back to his office. Look friendly and he’ll be pleased to know that you’re all right.

You can be an asset, so boost his ego a little Boost his ego and you will receive a load of love and appreciation from him. You can boost his ego by appreciating a small thing that he does, whether it is his hair, smile or shirt.

Be a sexy lass, but don’t be afraid to show your sensuality While on a date for the very first time, you can be seductive and sexy. Even in a casual way, you can wear something that is a bit revealing, something that puts you in the nude-like a shirt or blouse that ends halfway down your torso or an outfit paired with high-heeled shoes. You can be a sexy lass, but don’t be afraid to show your sensuality, there’s something to share and be Sharing is sharing beauty and warmth.

How to Ask a Guy to Be Yours