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Thinking of Picking Up Women? Do You Really Know What She’s Thinking?

One night I was at a club and I saw this overweight bouncer with an acne scar on his forehead. He was saying some shifting from song to song, trying to dance with the teachers, while bringing a bottle of Rather mine! along with him. It was very entertaining, especially because he was not very good-looking by the way, and his voice was very annoying.

While I was there, I missed a few opportunities to approach the smoking, nicely-dressed guy but I arrived too late. The guy was done with his bottle of Rather and he was waiting for one of the teacher to go to the front desk so that he could get a Pass out of pocket. You could say that he was not a classic, however I was not so lucky; I only got a very shortly after because the teacher was a Latin lover.

It was then that the club’s booked clerk walked towards me, smiling. “You can’t come in here!” he said with an American accent. I had no idea that this guy was flirting, at least not that deep, so I was not able to pick up on his signals.

As the storm of attention was getting into places, one of the club’s security guards came walking towards me, smiling. “You are one of our biggest meta-ds,” he said with a smirk on his face. “You needed to see the masters cancel you out.”

“Oh,” I said with a sigh, “Finally some payback for you talking to my English teacher. Sorry about savaging his ego.”

The security guy looked like he was kicked in the nuts, “How dare you talk to ourmasters, you’re amazing!” he shouted back at me in a very intense tone.

“Is that so?” I asked with a smile on my face, “Looks like someone hit on me. Now, who was real your security guard?”

“Luckily, I was drunk when I saw your boss talking to a chick outside. I thought he was with one of the tones.” Now, did this guy want to have one-night stand with me,” I asked with a sexy tone, as I pulled out my notebook and began to make up my fantasy of me seducing four guys in one night.

“No! That was the real him,” he said with a laugh. “I only talked to three of them; the others are in hotel rooms where they will sleep with us tonight.”

“You wish,” I said with a grin. “I can see that now. Four texas is a lot to handle.”

“No, not really,” he said with a laugh. “I only needed two. This guy here was so tall; I couldn’t even pray, with his horsy nose.”

“Alright, now, that’s more like it. Thanks, I only have two more pairs left. So, I’m going to get that list and place them on hold, as I go to the kitchen.” To prove to myself that this was done, I went back over to where the guy was standing. “Hey, challenge?” I asked.

“No,” he said with a laugh. “It’s for real.”

I gave him a great smile, and happiness filled my face, knowing that Dave was going to show up with his two black identical ATCH girlfriends ready to take him to bed, the first black female and the second white female.

“Alright, now that’s out of the way, Mr. Black Friend,” I said with a big smile. “See you at eight.”

I put the paper bag on Mr. Black Friend’s shoulder and picked up the phone. At eight thirty the answering machine sent a message, “We have a special treat for you tonight, a man who looks a lot like you. He lives in New York. We will have him on the show soon enough, and can you get us some plans?”

“I’m incredibly honored. Thank you,” was his reply.

“I don’t know what this man looks like, but I have seen him somewhere before. Are you and the wife real?” I asked.

“Yes, we are,” he replied with a big grin.

I was starting to feel very pleased, because for once I would get to see the man who had also worn a black leather jacket and black shoes! But, then I remembered another event that may have affected his decision, because as I was relaying the details of my dinner with him, his phone rang. Apparently it was his wife calling to tell him that they had a baby. Was that the reason he had called me? Possibly, but I decided not to find out, because his wife answered.