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How to Make Your Man Be Romantic – Learn How You Can Make Him Show Extra Affection Instantly

Romantic – A man’s idea of romance changes over time, as you get older and your ideas of romance will be more reserved and subtle. So if you’ve been habitually giving your man the wrong idea of what romance is then it is time to learn how to redeem your relationship. Here is how to make your man show extra affection after a fight.

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Change your ‘aker’Once you see that your relationship has been going downhill for a while, you need to take drastic steps to turn things around. You will have to find out what is bothering your man and then tackle with him. Don’t let him off the hook and continue to give him bad things. Instead change all you say to him and whether you have been neglecting him or being indifferent he will get worried.

How to Make Your Man Be Romantic

  • Stop naggingBefore you go a complete temper tantrum and lash out at him all you can remember being your man’s ‘/$!. Let him speak for himself and stop nagging him so much. Sometimes there is no need to remind him of all the things that you want him to do as there is no problem in outside suggestions.
  • Give him spaceInstead of breathing down his neck telling him never to leave you again, give him space. This will make him feel like you respect him. With this little act he will definitely begin to feel loved and cherished and begin to enjoy your presence more. Make sure that when he starts to feel wronged in any way, you don’t complicate things and support him.
  • Set aside the naggingMen hate it when women nag. Not nagging is the best way to communicate the ideas that you want him/her to do. Be a mind reader and see what would please your man. Instead of telling him that you love him or would like him to change, set aside nagging the issue by giving him his space.
  • Be assertive instead of emotionalYou can’t nag a man into doing something as all he wants to do is just get out of your home without pleasing you Romantic. Instead let him do it! Tell him frankly that you expect him to meet your demands if he wants to keep your relationship and you can only respect him if he follows your guidelines.
  • Make the bedroom aickLet your man experience a complete makeover of your bedroom. You too can buy books which will show you how to change the ambiance in your bedroom, something that has always been a deepen part of the couple’s relationship. Be creative in the bedroom or the bedroom needs to become a part of your man’s life as well.


  • Have a date together visiting as many places as you can.There is so much that you can do together as a couple if you have the will to do so. But taking time off to visit new places, enjoy the different sensations and at the same time vie for his attention is something that is bound to make him feel really special. This should embolden your man so that he will not forget reminding you of what the two of you had buttered sweethearts Romantic.
  • Take small breaksRemember the small breaks during your honeymoon? Now go back to those times and take breaks together. Take a little break away from each other just to keep the anticipation building.

Be the warm and caring friend Your face is a mirror to your man’s heart and one way you can make him fall deeply in love with you is by being the warmth and caring friend.