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How to Make Him Feel the Perfect Girl

Perfect Girl – If you have met a man you feel is perfect then you obviously want him to feel the same way about you. There is no point in waiting for him to say it instead let him know that you love him. Here is what you should do to make him feel that your a perfect girl for him.

Perfect Girl

  • Keep up the levels of intimacyYou have to keep the intimacy between you and your man at a certain level. If he is satisfied with the level of intimacy in you and that you have no intention of altering that, he will see it as a very big deal. He needs to know that you are a girl who is completely satisfied with him as his girlfriend.
  • Respect his space and desiresA man needs to be able to enjoy his time with his male buddies. He needs to be free and have the space that he wants. If you do not invade his space and give him his space and he knows that you genuinely respect their need for space and do not feel any pressure to be with you and he will know that you are the perfect girl for him.
  • Show that you careYou have to show to your man that you care about him. Show him that you are responsible enough for making him feel special and valuable. He needs to feel that you do care about him. Take interest in things that are important to him and that will make him feel that you care.
  • Show him that you are mature enough to meet his needsIf you have been dating an older guy then it is natural for your man to be a little immature. If you think that by being mature and thick in skin enough to meet his demands of being a gentleman then he will see your perfection. Men do like to be the knight in shining armor and want to take care of their girlfriends but be caring and mature enough not to be used and abused.
  • Have values and idealsHaving ideals and values is very essential if you want a man to be fulfilled and satisfied with you. He has to see that you have fundamentals and values that are of high importance. Fulfill the promises that you have been talking about and see that your man is completely satisfied with you.
  • Be flirtatiousWhenever you are with your man show him that you are a confident and self assured person. That you have a lot of sex appeal and that no other woman can hold a candle to you. Endeavor to improve your personality and bring it into focus for your man to see.
  • Talk honestlyWhen you have spoken about your past not taken your previous relationship in its entirety you have to make him see that you can carry the conversation on. Get him to see how interesting and exciting you are and see that your love and attraction for him is on the increase.

Try to take professional helpIf your man is not receptive to your advances and still has problems then you can see that it is a very serious issue and one that you do not want to throw away. Instead be as proactive a person in this case and see if you canependent on a coach or consultant. If you are blessed with a good coach allow them to do all necessary counseling.

Don’t become critical reinforcementJust because he may be refusing to reduce the intimacy does not mean that he is not into you. No man is perfect and if he truly loves you then he will try to improve and bring back the lost enthusiasm and fervor.