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How To Get A Girl If You Are Untidy

How To Get A Gir – I am certainly not saying that you should not look as though you are energetic and positive, but you need to make a woman want to be with you because of who you are inside, rather than how you look like.

If you are a person who is lazy, careless, a bit sloppy and tidier then you will definitely have a hard time getting a girl to like you, because she’ll see that you are not a person who she would like to be with.


Because she can see that you have no particular principle or meaning with you, you are not ambitious, independent, carefree or interesting.

So the first thing you NEED to do is get rid of the dirty clothes, the guts blocked shoes and all the other things that make you seem like an untidy person.

These features make you unattractive to top 10 girls, and it makes you appear as someone who does not respect himself.

The next thing is to stop being too much clingy and needy. What I mean by that is, unless you are a couple and you have your own house, car and money then you need to give up calling her many times a day, just because you are afraid to be without her, but she did not cheat on you.

She wants you to be secured, she wants you to have a job, to have other things in your life, to have a purpose in life other than having her. That’s why she loves it when you take care of your needs, you pay attention to her needs and she mostly does not meet your demands. So stop that clinginess and neediness.

The next thing, is be non needy. Just do what you want, and do not depend on her for your happiness. When you Beneficial yourself with no one else but yourself, you naturally bring happiness and if you do it on your own, she will be happy too.

She will probably like your company for the same reason, a person who has no dependents is usually happier than a person who depends on other people.

The third thing, is probably the most important, is stop fishing for compliments. Have you ever thought, how attractive a person seems to be to you, if we didn’t say anything, if we didn’t give a simple complement about the way we look?

Probably yes.

That is exactly the case in the case of women

When you compliment her on how she looks, she may say thank you, but probably won’t mind you complimenting her on how good she smells or her hair might be.

That is why all you need to do is to learn how to give sincere compliments, compliments that she will really appreciate.

Don’t worry, she isn’t a mind reader, she knows that you are complimenting her, but you don’t give a complement unless you mean it, and there is no need to doubt what you are saying, you need to believe it.

That’s why traveling across the street and see a beautiful woman there, or say, how beautiful is the view from the window, is a project of imagination, and of course she wouldn’t care about what you said about the view, if she didn’t have to convince you that it is beautiful and you believe it yourself.

Notice the boldness of the headline of this article and figure out in your own mind, if it has a nice picture or a nice & erotic one, copy it and add your own flavor.

And above all don’t over analyze it, just trust what you are told and believe it.

How To Get A Girl