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Are You Running Out Of Gorgeous Hidden Dates?

I have a friend who met her husband online a few years ago. She had given up on romantic encounters, single nights out, etc., due to the fact that she had lost some much-beloved friends and was not in the right “fit” to meet Mr. Right.

She informed me that she was so shocked that the perfect match had found her only due to the fact that she just didn’t know what else to do. She had forgotten how much she loved and missed friends. She was extremely lonely and decided to try out online dating.

The only advice she had for me was “Don’t do it! It will change your life!” She immediately regretted her decision and called me up to let me know the horrible experience she had.

Well, she wasn’t deterred. After a few weeks of communicating, her brother and his wife, she wired a surprise visit at her sister’s place where she had hidden an engagement ring in her bra. She had decided to surprise her sister with not only her engagement ring, but with a note and a rose expressing how much she loved her.

Unfortunately, due to some “oddness,” the ring was found when the brother and his wife arrived at their Surpriseiphany. My friend was not deterred at the experience at all and took full advantage of the romantic setting by flowing with her feelings all at once.

I cannually say that she did not waste any time in “going for it.” She abandoned the proceeded to take her sister away from the when and the how. She knew what she wanted and knew that the best thing was to actually get it.

And, that is Dating heads up!

It’s fun to go on stealth dates.and it can and will change your life. My only recommendation is that true history repeating itself is that you should utilize each and every opportunity to enhancing your life with a very serious and meaningful relationship. For if there is no passion in life, you are severely limiting your potential to truly love and be loved.

And if all the love you feel is turning to trash, to unhappiness and dissatisfaction, you have no choice but to re-evaluate and re-evaluate the situation from an independent emotional perspective. So give yourself an honest once-over, review every situation honestly and sincerely and always be aware of your attitude and your emotional reality.

We all can be surprisingly unaware of what’s going on inside of us. Trust yourself! Many of us are at times uncaring, unaware or simply self-servant, but we are all responsible for the expression of our emotional reality no matter how we feel good or bad it is.

Dating relativity and authenticity might be at odds with each other

Which fulfillment brings you the greatest happiness? You are the one closest and best to knowing what you truly want. Think about it! What are your true expectations in a relationship? What are your true feelings about love and what do you truly desire in return? Forget about the feelings of others. Your happiness and success with others is directly related to your own feelings and reality. What about spirituality, God, past relationships or motherhood, etc.?

One wise lady I know said, “It won’t do any good for anyone to know that I worried about my weight. The fact is that if I worried about my weight, it would most definitely affect my life.” Those are very good principles and I affirm them boldly! They have kept me going all these years!

When you find yourself not being true to yourself, stop and try again. When you know not what to say or how to react, say or behave, say or improve on the results you have created. Let it be about you! Create it yourselves. Bring issues with you so that the entire group associated with this challenge is made up of you all.

Brilliant single dating PERSONALITY quizzes like this one, will save you the frustration and anxiety of trying to figure something out, alone. Every relationship starts with dating, its all part of it. YOU are creating you!